Letter to Schools

At Chess Kings, our mission is to provide quality chess programs that have results for the students. We aim to teach schools how to run successful programs in the most cost effective ways.

Our goals for schools are the following:

1. Encourage schools to own their own chess sets.
2. Ask teachers to help with chess programs.
3. Set up clubs that are sustainable by themselves.
4. Help students find access to private lessons.
5. Advise chess players to compete professionally.

The 10,000 Hour Project

With any art form, to gain a high level of proficiency, the student must put in a large number of hours. This more, than anything else, will lead to success on the board. The top chess programs in the state generally meet more than once a week. While programs that are starting off will likely meet only once a week, we encourage schools to increase the frequency of the meetings if the kids are enthusiastic about the game.

Why the Non Profit Sector?

Chess programs help with valuable life skills and academic ability. We don’t want to put any kids in a position where they are forced to learn because their parents paid for the program. Additionally, education has traditionally been part of the public sector. Chess programs in many countries are state funded. We seek funding through program fees, donations, and grants. At Chess Kings, we offer quality chess programs at below market prices because we put education first.


Ben Rothschild
Executive Director
Chess Kings Nonprofit

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