Three Tips for Schools

Here are three tips for schools to have successful chess programs.

  1. Does your school have a chess program? If not, hire Chess Kings. We would be happy to teach at your school. We offer 6-week sessions for $60.00 and 12-week sessions for $120.00. We offer classes in the Chicago area – after school, during lunch, or in the morning before class. As a nonprofit organization, we seek to offer the most affordable prices for the best quality programs.
  2. Does your chess program have a curriculum? We recommend that your school use a chess curriculum. For beginner students, we offer 100 chess puzzles from The Real Beginner’s Guide to Chess by Ben Rothschild. On Amazon, the book is available for purchase for $15.00. Readers are calling this book “creative, instructive, and quirky,” and “a must-have!”
  3. Are your students looking for something more advanced? No problem. We offer over a hundred lectures on intermediate to advanced level chess positions. Our FREE YouTube Channel has hundreds of subscribers. There’s a reason our chess videos have received tens of thousands of hits by chess players in 157 countries. Our YouTube channel also offers playlists on everything from “How to Play” to “Beginner” to “Intermediate” to “Advanced.” Click here to subscribe!


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