The Real Beginner’s Guide to Chess

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Written by Chess Kings Non Profit Founder and Chess Expert Ben Rothschild

Featuring a new turn-the-page technique for learning!

Why is this the Real Beginner’s Guide to Chess?

– Become good at moving all the pieces.

– Recognize when an enemy piece is “hanging.”

– Learn the value of each piece.

– Know when and when not to trade pieces.

– Find check and checkmate.

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Reviews of The Real Beginner’s Guide to Chess

“Creative, instructive, and quirky”

I’ve worked in a few great tactics and puzzle books for beginners… I HIGHLY recommend this book as an all-encompassing guide to starting the game from square one. I’ve showed it to all my friends who are starting out.

This is not just pictures of a chess board, pick the best move (although it has those too); the book breaks down the game to the most fundamental patterns and themes, such as piece values and trading, checkmating, and how different pieces can get around the board. The exercises are creative and they work the patterns into your brain.

Highly recommended for those who want to have a fun introduction to the game. Also, there’s rhymes 🙂 Favorite section: getting good at knight moves.

“Good for beginners”

I’m not a very good chess player but this book was very easy for me to understand. Each lesson is a picture of a chess board with pieces arranged in very particular ways. You learn to play chess by – wait for it – playing chess. I now understand a little bit more about the strategy behind moves, scoring, and some other stuff relevant to chess that I didn’t know existed. I would recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t know how to play chess but wants to learn.

“Wow! A must have!”

If you watched this author’s YouTube video and were excited, you must check out this book! What a great teacher and a gifted chess player. He is so great I bet he’d give you a personal lesson if you bought this book. Buy the book, reach out to the author, and learn!

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